Bauza Pisco Especial

Bauza Pisco Especial


"Pisco is a deceptive creature - a viscous liquid that hides its alcoholic potency behind a beautiful smoothness and purity that can often trick the unseasoned drinker.
However, when treated with the attention it deserves, this grape-based spirit, with a history steeped in the conquest of the Americas by the Conquistadors, is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of mixology.

Pisco is also the topic of heated arguments between Peru and Chile, both of which claim to have invented it. They may fight bitterly over who first distilled the drink, but the rules and regulations they have placed on its production have ensured that only top quality Pisco hits the liquor store shelves."

Tasting notes
"Although some purists will insist on drinking their Pisco neat, it is best used as a base for cocktails where the clean taste of the spirit acts as a superb base for other ingredients. In this way, Pisco has something in common with the other hot South American spirit, cachaca.
The tastes of the more aromatic versions depend on the grape or blend of grapes used, but will often display strong floral qualities and a citrus nose that carries through onto the taste buds."



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